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Border Crossing by © Amy Brown

Through winding caves and surreal caverns, you step through tiny water-filled cracks and crevices. Sunlight cascades from openings above and reflects off trickling streams, casting luminescent patterns that dance upon the rocky walls. Lush emerald ferns sprout from the ground and multi-colored moss cling tenaciously to their stony homes. You reach an open area with footsteps embedded there, revealing centuries of travel.

You hear distant chatter as you near a cave opening. Stepping through, you find yourself in a magical world like no other... a land populated with unique people -- or fae, rather -- some of them bathing in the sun, others slipping in and out of the occasional shadow. Though all look friendly, some appear to be friendlier than others....

Welcome to the halls of the Daoine Sidhe!

The Daoine are a fun loving and carefree clan. Pranksters and merrymakers, the Daoine Sidhe is a neutral clan that takes life as it is and usually gets a good laugh out of just about anything.

This is the official Daoine clan website for those wishing to learn more about us, how to join, and what we're all about.

Come and immerse yourself in the magic of the Fae....